Sound poetry / Sonic art / Improvised vocalisations

My work was featured in the The Liberated Voice exhibition Palais de Tokyo, Paris, which recounted the history of sound poetry in the 20th and 21st century, no less. I was in there amongst the greats.

Live sound works include performances at Cafe Oto, The Festina Lente in Paris and on BBC Radio 3's The Verb

Collaborators include Sharon Gal, Dylan Nyoukis, Philip Venables, Benedict Taylor, Maja Jantar and Phil Minton. I am a member of Minton’s Feral Concord

Projects include Soundings with Wellcome Library, which saw seven performances in London in 2015/2016, and Lunalia a month of collaborative recordings responding to a lunar cycle.

An interview about my sound work was conducted by Hipoglote in Portugal, as part of their archive of sonic artists in poetry, and available here

Feral Concord at Cafe Oto, London / October 3, 2018

By far the least experienced vocalist in the circle, I was so happy to be so. To be asked by Phil Minton, one of the world’s foremost improvised vocalists and a kindly golden ghidora of the avant garde music world, to be one of a dozen artists involved in a Feral Concord, that is an entirely improvised choral performance at Cafe Oto, meant a great deal to me. I have a toe in many pools, so naturally I’m ankle deep in none. I am therefore often at a remove, which is a grand thing most of the time, but also cautious, in this case, to not be the chimp whistling when others are singing or singing when others are whistling. In the group were friends like Dylan Nyoukis but also many others I had not met but whose work I knew and very much admired.

The actual experience was profound. It’s hard to describe. I was struck this time, during our 30 minute performance, just how remarkable it is to communicate with others so directly, following as the piece varies and alters and shifts like fish in the ocean, without any language or movement being the thing that makes the moves. A friend in attendance described it as a solemn seance that made everyone else not move.

Episode 87 in the Hipoglote series - an interview with Tiago Swabl and Nuno Neves

A brilliant series of audio interviews from Portugal exploring 21st century sound poetry practise with Phil Minton / Sharon Gal


Published: Philip Venables' Below the Belt

Delighted to have my poetry featured on the debut album from composer Philip Venables. Phil and I worked on a piece for the London Sinfonietta's blue touch paper scheme some years back, it explored boxing and fistic percussion, entitled The Revenge of Miguel Cotto. 

You can listen to five excerpts from our collaboration

Phil has created some remarkable work since we worked together so it's grand to revisit this project through this CD and I'm really pleased it has a second life forevery on disc

Sound installation at Mile End Art Pavilion
with Maja Jantar

Over 30 new pieces of collaborative sound art - Lunalia is a brilliant sound art project founded by Maja Jantar. It traces lunar cycles, with Maja and a collaborator exchanging recordings – be they found, sung, murmured, burbled, read or cried – each day of the cycle, somehow responding to the moon. I was the 12th Lunalia. I participated for one whole lunar cycle, lasting August 18th to September 18th 2016, a notorious summer, full of full, blue, white, half, blood and wolf moons. 


huellkurven sound poetry magazine

Huellkurven is an online sound poetry magazine and a series of events dedicated to sound poetry, poésie sonore, lautpoesie, noise poetry, sound-text composition, auditive poesie, audio poetry etc. bring your guns we will exchange them / This is a live recording in situe at a modern museum, in their ethnographic gallery, which through found radio and installation noises, as well as responsive, guttural sound poetry aims to ambiguously compliment / satirise / criticise the anesthetised western usage of african sound culture Iroquois / Unpulled sound art that refracts a glorified spiritual ghost nation who enjoyed scalping en masse, and slow torture of those too weak to win.


Festina Lente sound poetry festival in Paris : Solo & with Zuzana Husarova

for Tapin2  - eeve my profile on the French based sound art webjournal. Totalement/totale Action/actuelle Poésie/poetry/poesia Internationale/inadmissible/inouïe Nouvelle/now/new v.2.0